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Our vision, your smile.

The business activity of ORAMA G.P. consists of the manufacturing, processing and marketing of herbal and natural bath sponges, face and body care products, baby products, church items as well as in the marketing of food such as breadsticks and cookies.

ORAMA G.P. is also active on the fields of imports and exports with a wide range of products, cooperating with companies around the world.

It creates private labels for large, medium and small businesses, while having excellent product quality, competitive prices, flawless communication and prompt delivery and product availability throughout the year.

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Our Products

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Private label

Our company produces private label products for large, medium and small businesses.

All products on our website can be made into private label.

Our company, having a wide network of collaborations with Greek producers, can create for you private label products of excellent quality at competitive prices in addition to our own products.