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In 2003, Vacharelis Athanasios, retired and now a farmer, decided to enter the world of business, something he wanted from a young age, but the circumstances and obligations of life had not allowed him until then.

Freed from the stress of survival, he creates the company “Vacharelis Athanasios” and opens a retail store with seasonal items in Kilkis.

In 2005 he acquires a small industry of plant and natural sponges and thus enters the field of production and wholesale.

In 2006 he participates in the Thessaloniki International Fair with 1 wholesale kiosk and 2 retail kiosks, as well as in the exhibition of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

In 2010 he decides to include a new product category in the company’s codes, church items.

In 2015, wanting to introduce his grandson and namesake Vacharelis Athanasios to the business, he founded “ORAMA G.P.” and made him his partner.

The grandfather-grandson collaboration grows the business and in March 2019, the first export of products to Australia is achieved. But it is a difficult year for the company because at the age of 81, the eldest dies, leaving the company entirely to his grandson.

In 2020, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, ORAMA with its expertise mediates and helps Greek companies to export their products to Australia.

2021 finds ORAMA taking its first steps in the field of food, in Greece.

The company ORAMA, staying true to the values and ideals of its founder, continues its activities.